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Agri meets Design Capetown

Agri meets Design took part in the program me of the Department of Design, part of Capetown World Design Capital.

 Agri meets Design went to Capetown at the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to take part in the Department of Design. The goal was to represent Dutch Food and Agriculture. The presence of Agri meets Design was strategically planned at the same time as the Dutch trade mission led by Lilianne Ploumen, Minister of Foreign Trade and Development. Together with Helen Kranstauber and Anne Bruinsma, we formed the Agri meets Design team in South Africa.

We looked for talented designers, farmers and (food)professionals in both the Netherlands and South Africa. People with an outspoken vision on food security, working on a special idea, concept, project and/or solution. It turned out there were a lot! We took their portraits and visions, combined them in an expo, a FARM:LAB (workshop) and keynote.

In the short time we were in Capetown and Johannesburg we met a lot of inspiring designers, farmers, entrepreneurs, scientists and policy makers. The concept of Agri meets Design attracted a lot of interest; our FARM:LAB was well visited. We closed our program with a keynote on design and agriculture. The exposition of portraits were presented until the end of the Department of Design.

We designed and created a publication of this mission. You can read this by clicking this link.